Welcome to the UFT group!


The UFT group in HP Live Network serves as a:

  1. Knowledge sharing platform where HP can pass information to the users (in the Announcements, Content, and Files sections) and where users can communicate with HP (in the Polls and Blogs sections)
  2. Discussion platform where our community--users, partners, and HP personnel--can interact
  3. Extensibility open-source platform to assist in the collaboration around add-ins and unique controls that aren’t supported out-of-the-box by UFT.

For those who may not know, UFT stands for Unified Functional Testing. UFT is industry-leading software that accelerates automated software testing for both GUI and API applications, and also validates integrated test scenarios for hybrid composite applications.

Simplified test design and maintenance result in reduced risk and improved quality for all your modern applications.

HP Unified Functional Testing includes HP QuickTest Professional (QTP) and HP Service Test software (ST).



Key product benefits

  • Simplify test creation and maintenance with intuitive design approaches
  • Detect bugs earlier in the lifecycle by validating APIs
  • Implement automated testing for every major software application and environment
  • Use with HP Business Process Testing for a component-based testing framework
  • Integrate with HP Quality Center and ALM for comprehensive test management using a simple add-in


Additional UFT Resources:

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