Welcome to the Performance Engineering solutions group!

 The performance engineering solutions group includes HP LoadRunner, HP Performance Center and HP Diagnostics.

This group in HP Live Network serves as a:

·        Knowledge sharing and discussion platform: where you can communicate directly to us (HP) and the community. Through HPLN, you will be also informed in the hottest products news via Announcements, Best Practices and Product Content and Videos.

·        Community Experience: where you, other customers, partners and HP personnel around the globe --can interact

·        Extensibility open-source platform to assist in the collaboration around add-ins and unique controls that aren’t supported out-of-the-box by HP LoadRunner and HP Performance Center.


Understanding HP Performance Engineering

HP Performance Engineering solutions help test application performance under realistic load conditions. By monitoring systems and end-user transactions, they help identify and analyze bottlenecks and diagnose the root cause of issues down to code level.


HP LoadRunner

Performance-testing software that helps identify and analyze bottlenecks for a variety of applications. Focus on performance testing projects.

HP Performance Center

Software to facilitate collaboration, optimize resource utilization and support a performance testing Center-of-Excellence.


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HP Diagnostics software

Actionable information about application problems for quick resolution – included in HP LoadRunner and HP Performance Center – activated with additional license.


HP SiteScope software

Remote monitoring of IT infrastructure and applications without installing any software on target systems – included in HP LoadRunner and HP Performance Center


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