The HP Live Network connector (LNc) is a dynamic content updating tool that is tightly integrated with a growing number of HP Software products.  LNc's extensible and powerful architecture enables it to concurrently handle different content types for different core automation products so that it can securely transport the published content across the public Internet, and optionally import the downloaded content into the targeted automation product. LNc uses cutting-edge secure hash technology to protect the content updates while being downloaded. LNc is co-hosted on the HP Software primary product server(s) so it scales with the automation product deployment.


The breadth and depth of LNc coverage is steadily increasing and currently includes a number of industry-leading automation management software products including HP Server Automation, HP Network Automation, HP Client Automation and other HP Software offerings.  A variety of free and premium subscription service content is delivered every day via LNc to HP customers' enterprise data centers around the world. An example of premium content is the Security & Compliance content for Server Automation and Network Automation. This content is constantly updated to identify and remediate the security vulnerabilities being identified in enterprise data centers and to keep data centers up to date with changing regulatory standards. Free content services include the automation reports for HP BSA products and enterprise software discovery signatures etc, all of which are regularly updated and automatically distributed via the LNc.

  • Rapid, automated content updates through the secure and scalable content distribution technology with zero down time of your automation software product
  • Automatic self-updating technology that can update itself and add support for new content types on the fly
  • Support for a wide range of HP BSA software products that is broadening every day
  • Ability to navigate through corporate firewalls and proxies in a secure manner
  • Delivers content that is critical to keeping enterprise data centers secure and standards-compliant
  • Enables a range of free and premium out of the box content


You can view a listing of LNc deliverable content by visiting the LNc Content tab above.

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