HP Anywhere 10.x - ALM Defect Submitter App


Prerequisite to begin working with the ALM Defect Submitter App is to install and configure the ALM Configurator App.


Download Defect Submitter App


The app provides a simple, rapid method to submit defects using mobile devices (smartphone and tablets).

The defect submission mobile app includes summery, description, priority in addition to any other customized field created in the ALM. Testers can simply capture pictures of the incorrect behavior or error message and attach them to the defect. Long descriptions are no needed anymore.

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Defect Submitter Demo Video:



 HP Anywhere 10.x App for ALM ConfiguratorOrange_Seperator.png


Download ALM Configurator


The ALM configurator app is a prerequisite for start working with the ALM Defect Submission App.

Using 'ALM configuraor' self-service app, QC admins can configur server details, fields defaults, attachment size and more. The “ALM configurator” app that can run from a desktop using the HP Anywhere Onebox option (http://{server_name}/onebox/) or a tablet.

The app supports ALM and QC v11 and 11.5





Online Developer's Demo version:


A demo version is available for try using HP Anywhere public sandbox :


Goto http://developer.hpanywhere.com/try-me/ 

  1. Insert your details and submit 
  2. Check your e-mail for activation e-mail 
  3. Once the account is activated you can enter the demo environment 
  4. Download from Google-Play or the AppStore the HPAnywhere app: “HP Anywhere” 
  5. In the login info, insert your e-mail, password and server name (all the info exists in the confirmation e-mail you got)




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