HP Anywhere recently released HP Anywhere 10.00 and is on its way to revolutionizing the way employees interact with enterprise software. In support of the release we have launched a number of tools that are designed to help internal and external stakeholders get familiar with HP Anywhere and HPSW’s Point of View around Mobility.

Are you ready to try it ?


  • Insert your details and submit


  • Check your e-mail for activation e-mail


  • Once the account is activated you can enter the demo environment


  • Download from Google-Play or the AppStore the HPAnywhere app: “HP Anywhere”


  •  In the login info, insert your e-mail, password and server name (all the info exists in the confirmation e-mail you got)


  •   Enjoy HP Anywhere demo apps collection

For more info visit :     

The HP Anywhere Developer Zone gives developers the tools and the guidance needed for building connected, collaborative enterprise mobile applications with HP Anywhere. http://developer.hpanywhere.com


It contains

  • How to videos
  • API Cookbooks
  • FAQ
  • Style Guides  



The YouTube Channel contains all the movies on HP Anywhere including developer how-to's, use case examples, general overview and more. http://www.youtube.com/user/HPAnywhere/


What is HP Anywhere


Connected, collaborative mobile application development for the enterprise

HP Anywhere is a mobile app platform designed to mobilize the enterprise, connecting users with corporate systems and with each other on their device of choice. It combines the open standards of HTML5 and JavaScript with unique capabilities for predictive collaboration, system integration and enterprise security to deliver a powerful mobile application development experience. 


Employees have long expected cutting-edge experiences on their personal devices even as they use enterprise apps that are far behind the curve. The apps that we use for fun seem to practically know us—they call us by name and recommend the products we like and remind us to buy the milk when we drive by the store. But the applications we use in the office—when they exist at all—have no idea who we are, where we are, or what we might need to do our jobs better.

The next generation of talent expects something different of its employers: It wants the same user-centric experience at work that’s found everywhere else.

With HP Anywhere:

Employee users gain personalized,role-based access to enterprise systems via HP Anywhere “panels”—essentially, mobile apps with special security and collaboration capabilities that run inside the HP Anywhere container. The HP Anywhere container may be downloaded from public app stores to the user’s device of choice.

Developers have a mobile app development

platform based on open technologies (HTML5, JavaScript, Cordova) with additional features to create “predictive collaboration”—a unique means of allowing users to connect with one another in the context of their work activity—as well as to integrate with enterprise systems of record.

IT administrators find the means to distribute and manage enterprise mobile apps securely and without risk to enterprise data.


How it works




Previous Versions :

HP Anywhere 9

HP Anywhere 9 supported 2 variations of the HP Anywhere 9.x product available

Limited Edition

Available ONLY as part of the product media of specific versions of ALM, PPM, BSM, XS

Available through the media download of that product on MyUpdates

Can run only Mini-apps related to a single HP product

No user licenses required

Full Edition

Migration from Limited Edition not supported, need to reinstall

 Available through regular sales channel

Can run Mini-apps for multiple HP and potentially non-HP products

User licenses required

Getting mini-apps from HPLN

This information is for HP Anywhere 9 only : 

Customer needs rights on HPLN to either HP Anywhere or the corresponding product of the mini-apps (e.g. for ALM mini-apps either HP Anywhere or ALM on SAID)

To trouble shoot

Check your account rights on HPLN by signing in on hpln.hp.com, go to ‘Edit Profile’, ‘Security Groups’;

If you don’t see a hpln_prod_xx group related to your product check your SAIDs.

To check the connection between Anywhere and HPLN do the following tests

cd HP\Anywhere\lnc\lnc\bin

‘live-network-connector read-config’ shows all your configuration

‘live-network-connector --preview --log-level=highest’ accesses HPLN in preview mode

You will find the created debug log at HP\Anywhere\lnc\lnc\log\ live-network-connector.log

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