Overview - What is Executive scorecard (XS)?

Managers need better insights into how their groups are performing and a way to convey the value they provide. Manual methods are too slow and lack governance so the open analytics platform behind the
HP Executive Scorecard provides the following:


  • Best practice Dashboards, Scorecards, Objectives and Key Performance Indicators that can be tailored as needed

  • Automated data gathering through a comprehensive and growing library of integrations

  • A rapid start to providing management insights that avoids the overhead of typical BI solutions

  • Easy access by web or mobile with cascading dashboards that meet the needs of different personas

  • Solves the hardest area of management reporting (IT) and expandable to other performance management areas


This Live Network Library is your source for additional information and content for the Executive Scorecard from HP and the HP Partner Community.

Feel free to explore the following communities: 

Business Content for Executive Scorecard - In this community you will be able to find best-practice information on KPIs and how your peers are using them to improve IT performance and deliver on business goals and objectives. In addition you will be able to download relevant content such as Content Acceleration Pack (CAP).

Integration Content for Executive Scorecard  - In this community you will be able to find new options for integrating data sources into your HP IT Executive Scorecard deployment and find others that may have the same area of interest.

Under Other Files in each community you can find lot of intresting materials for example Developmet tools such as IDE,  movies etc.



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