Getting Started with HP Live Network

Here are some of the things you can do to get the most out of the HP Live Network and your subscription services. Use the Live Network connector (LNc) to automate your content downloads, or use the forums and other services available to enhance your product and content experience and to help you get involved.


Note: Authenticated users have automatic access to several Communities, based on their Product purchases and individual Community settings.  Some are only accessible with a corresponding Product purchase.


Automate content downloads with the Live Network connector


Getting Started with the Web Portal

Never miss an important product or security and compliance update.

» Download LNc now » Download LNc documentation


Download, install and update content on demand or automatically with the HP Live Network connector, or browse the list of currently LNc-enabled content to choose from.


Sign up for email notifications of announcements and other updates when new content becomes available for content important to your company.


Participate in discussion forums about Content.

  • Discussion forums exist for most Products and Communities
  • May be viewed online, or subscribed to and participated in via email.



Request developer or additional Roles for an existing Community Content project:



Browse through available Products and Solutions for specific content information, forums, wikis, blogs, polls, and non LNc-enabled content


Request to create a new Community project from the individual Community Owners listed in the Community Info blocks or contribute to existing Community Content communities.